Our Practice

Schut | van Os is a public limited company of notaries who, together with several junior notaries and a team of specialised and general staff, form a closely knit, efficient and dynamic notary office.

Our office has been well respected for 45 years, for its excellent advice and service.

That may be because at Schut | van Os, we passionately believe in the independent and strictly impartial role that notaries must play in society.

The value of that philosophy is becoming more and more apparent in a world where ‘accountability’ is becoming an ever greater factor in people’s choices and behaviour. That is why it is so important to record agreements clearly and in a balanced way.

It is with good reason that notarial deeds often carry the force of a legal verdict. Notarial products serve to secure a client’s legal certainty.

At Schut | van Os, we take great care to thoroughly safeguard that impartial and independent notarial legal advice.

This view, together with our considerable experience and expertise, are the foundation for the advice and services we provide, always serving our clients’ best interests.

Of course, our practice has good contacts with lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, real-estate agents and other specialised consultants.

But Schut | van Os is emphatically a fully independent company, with no association or affiliation to other or similar professional groups.