Our Area of Expertise

Schut | van Os is a notary company that services a wide range of clients.

Our philosophy has been shown to work equally well for a young couple looking to cohabitate as for two multinationals seeking to start a joint venture.

We advise private clients who need to draw up a last will, handle an inheritance, and draw up cohabitation contracts, marriage articles or partnership conditions – or handle the dissolution of those bonds.

More than anyone else, we understand the complexity and sensitivities of family affairs. Especially when they involve things like handing over company ownership.

We support companies that seek to find the right type of legal incorporation, or that are involved in the restructuring, merger or takeover of other companies.

We offer advice on and supervise the buying and selling of real estate, and the financing of those transactions. For project development and funding.

And we are equally committed to establishing and managing non-profit organisations.

Having an excellent notary company to rely on is something that everyone will eventually have a particular interest in – whether they are a private citizen or an organisation.

That is why, at Schut | van Os, we don’t believe in large or small clients. We only have clients that count on knowing that they are signing exactly the right document. In every detail.